Lanterne Fund Services

Lanterne assists the launch and growth of investment managers by providing access to our expertise and services.


Fund Trustee Services for Wholesale Funds

Lanterne provides the following fund trustee services to wholesale funds.
• Incorporation of the Fund Manager entity
• Trust deed for an unregistered scheme
• Trustee services agreement
• Investment management agreement
• Corporate authorised representative agreement
• Information memorandum
• Custody agreements
• Administration agreement


Licensing Requirements

Lanterne can provide assistance in obtaining an AFSL, or give authorisation to act under their AFSL.


Compliance and Risk Management

Lanterne can arrange for the appointment of responsible managers and compliance personnel and assist with all licensing and compliance matters.


Managed Investment Trust Services

Lanterne provides managed investment trust services for international investors without an established presence in Australia.


Product Development

Lanterne executives have extensive experience in the development of successful investment funds in Australia and globally, across single asset and multi-manager funds.
Lanterne can develop funds for a particular market taking into account relevant regulatory, taxation, accounting and marketing issues and provide responsible manager or trustee services.